A Simple Primer to Transformational Travel

Looking up through a stand of extremely tall Redwoods to see the sun peaking through on a clear day
Want to change? Try looking in a different direction. | ©Angela Drake
It is only in recent years that Peruvians from outside Machu Picchu were able to visit this UNESCO Heritage | ©Angela Drake

The Downside of Tourism

The Upside: Regenerative Tourism

A sandy beach with crashing surf and a trail of footprints leading to two people in the distance
Setting intentions is an important part of a transformational journey | ©Angela Drake

What Is Transformational Travel?

Two men crouch down and peer into a pond
Tourist — Guide — Enivornment — transformational travel considers all three | ©Angela Drake
A keyboard and computer showing a page from a website with a background photo of a huge, snow covered mountain
Research is part of a transformational journey, but you don’t have to do it all on your own | ©Angela Drake

The Whys of Travel

Two people walking on a dirt road surrounded by tropical dry forest of Southern Ecuador
Bird watching can foster a deeper connection with nature and with local residents like your birding guide | ©Angela Drake
Amid a dark forest of tall trees, softly focused white water rapids draw the eye to a bend in the river where three people stand in the sunlight
Tourism professionals in the Choco-Andino Biosphere are working towards tourism that benefits the community, not only a single company | ©Angela Drake
Large ceibo tree stands before a graduated mountain range with rays of sun breaking through a stormy sky
In 2018, Scott and Angie dreamed big and completed a road trip around Southern Ecuador that included the beautiful dry forests of the Jorupe Reserve | ©Angela Drake



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